Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Concerning Maria Divine Mercy

Maria Divine Mercy is a self-proclaimed seer/visionary. She claims to have been receiving messages from God the Father, Jesus and the Virgin Mary since 2010. She hid behind anonymity. All any knew of her was that she was a wife and mother from somewhere in Ireland. She claims to be the last prophet. It does not appear that she has ever submitted her messages to the authority of the Church for examination. As a matter of fact the messages claim an authority that is greater than the Church. In the last year, several bishops from around the world have condemned her messages. Because she would not reveal her identity it may have been difficult to ascertain which bishop had jurisdiction.  Recently the identity of this seer was discovered and is reported as being Mary McGovern-Carberry of Dublin Ireland. Today, the Bishop of Dublin, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, issued a statement concerning these messages. He stated that " these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology. These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations."

Dr. Kelley Bowring, a Catholic theologian had previously endorsed the messages of Maria Divine Mercy. Dr. Bowring has issued a statement that he will comply with the Bishop's statement and would no longer be selling his book "The Great Battle" which relied on the MDM messages as a source.
However, Dr. Bowring also included a link to an article on some statements the Archbishop had made concerning homosexuality that may allow for the questioning of the Archbishop's decision in the future with allegations that he has abandoned Church teaching.

According to the MDM messages, Pope Francis is the False Prophet and many priests and Bishops have lost their authority. I have seen a MDM video that said the Pope would indeed condemn the messages but that his authority to do so is not recognized by them.

Maria Divine Mercy is the seer/visionary. The Warning Second Coming is the website that promotes these message as well as Jesus to Mankind. Jesus to Mankind prayer groups as well as Crusade Prayer groups or Crusade of Prayers prayer groups are associated with Maria Divine Mercy.

There are also books that have been published. The Book of Truth Vol. 1-3 as well as the Crusade of Prayer Book. It has been claimed that the Book of Truth is equal to scripture in its authority.

The MDM messages are not consistent with Church teaching. The messages themselves as well as many who follow them exhibit a disregard for the Pope and the authority of the Catholic Church. The Church through the Bishop with jurisdiction has not given their approval to promote the messages of Maria Divine Mercy. It has now become a matter of believing in the Church or believing in a seer.
There are many who follow these messages that will disregard the ruling of the bishop because the messages have told them to do so. There are some, however, who may not realize that they are a part of the MDM by participating in the prayer groups. I post this for the benefit of those who wish to remain obedient to the Church