Friday, May 2, 2014

Killing The Innocent From Higher Ground

Boy, I hate providing links to articles like this. It just feels like you are somehow spreading it.

Abortion as the moral high ground, a sacred gift, assisting God.

Something that struck me though. It seemed that this article was discussing a strategy more than what was truly believed to be a moral truth. They are going to present it as a moral good but in reality it will merely be a shift in strategy... changing the terms and definitions for a more favorable result. Cold, deliberate and strategic.

Soon this will be an abortion discussion
"Abortion kills a living human being"
"We must admit that is true"
"How can you then justify killing another human being?"
"When it is a moral good, a sacred gift and the very work of God"

Just remember as we listen to these arguments for death, before they penetrate and invade the intellect with the smooth, seductive cleverness of the serpent in the garden...remember that the terrorist of 9-11 were convinced that they had a moral high ground and were on a sacred mission to do the work of their god. They knew that human lives would be lost, deliberately so. Many of the wrongs, the atrocities in the history of the world have been committed through such reasoning.

 We do realize that we are talking about human sacrifice right now? Taking innocent human life for the moral good, for the sacred, for God.

That's what I thought.