Monday, March 21, 2016

Showing Up Catholic

Here are some episodes of "Showing Up Catholic" on the Vericast Network that you may have missed.

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 11
“I’ve Been Through The Desert”
March 9, 2016

Spiritual dryness, times of testing, suffering and hardship. These are often described as desert experiences. Lent is a time in the desert as well. In this episode Vickie talks about spiritual benefits that can come from our times in the desert if we are willing to lift our heads and look beyond hardship.

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 10

“Sharing in Christ’s Suffering”
February 26, 2016

Do Catholics have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Most definitely. We encounter him in many ways. During Lent we demonstrate that relationship by compassionately and gratefully contemplating his suffering for our sake. We join him in his suffering to share in the redemptive work of the Cross. In this episode Vickie gives a perspective on sharing in Christ’s suffering. She also shares a few prayer devotions that may help us deepen our relationship with Christ and enrich our pious practices for Lent.

“Confessions of a Pope Defender” — Showing Up Catholic Ep. 8

In this Episode Vickie talks about what it means to be a Pope defender. She investigates some Church documents that might give us some food for thought regarding our relationship to the Pope in the Mystical Body of Christ. She talks about some ways that we can express questions, concerns and difficulties we might have with the Pope while maintaining unity and integrity to Church teaching.