Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reproductive Rights and Health Care

So I am assuming that Reproductive rights includes the right TO reproduce as much as it does not to...right? And if it makes sense for abortion care it should make sense regarding other types of reproductive care? Or other types of care period?

So if I were having a baby, or outpatient reproductive surgery, or any outpatient procedure at all, I should feel that any attempts to regulate health care facilities that did these procedures were an attempt to deny me proper health care?

I should not feel at risk at all that the doctor at my outpatient facility did not have admitting privileges at the nearby hospital in case I had to be transferred there?

I should feel completely comfortable that my facility would fight such regulations all the way to the supreme court? Or close its doors rather than provide them?

I should not feel at risk that the government would pass a bill so that the state had no right to regulate my healthcare facility? Or to persecute doctors that caused my death?

How many women having a baby, or outpatient surgery or any other kind of medical care would put themselves at such risk?

Tell me again how the Women's Health Protection Act is meant to protect me?

It seems to me that this would constitute a return to the back alley concerning abortion itself and a lack of actual concern for the actual health concerns and needs of all women.

That's how I see it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thoughts From A Pregnancy "Survivor"

Well, I guess that pregnancy is a disease now. A disease that is so life threatening that birth control is necessary to me as preventative health care. So necessary, in fact, that I can not only expect, but force, the rest of the country, be it the government or my employer, to pay for it for me. Pregnancy is such an extreme threat to my life that if others will not pay for my birth control I can then consider it a declaration of war against me. I have graduated from being just a uterus to becoming a poor, pathetic victim of my uterus. I guess that makes me a pregnancy survivor...six times. I really beat the odds. I am thinking that pregnancy should have a ribbon like the other terminal diseases. Most likely it should be pink and blue.

Pregnancy is a disease that is such a great threat to my life that I no longer have to take responsibility for my life. I do not have to take responsibility for my sex life in order to avoid pregnancy. I do not have to investigate other options for obtaining affordable birth control myself, but can just force anyone and everyone to provide it for me. I do not have to make the simple choice of changing employers if I don't like their health coverage.  I do not have to think for myself or do for myself because I am nothing but a woman. The weaker sex that they have always portrayed me to be. One who is the victim of her own body. We've come a long way, baby.