Saturday, November 28, 2015

Showing Up Catholic - The Sword and Shield

Episode 5 of Showing Up Catholic is now available on the Vericast Network

The Sword and Shield
Vickie presents a perspective on intercessory prayer. Petitioning for assistance is only one aspect of this type of prayer. Seeking a deeper relationship with God brings a greater dimension and more confidence to intercessory prayer. Using scripture Vickie talks about battling in prayer, the armor of God and using our sword and shield for the benefit of others.

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Showing Up Catholic - Good, Bad, Ugly

Episode 4 of "Showing Up Catholic" is up on the Vericast Network.

Good, Bad, Ugly
This episode of "Showing Up Catholic" takes a look at what might be good, bad or ugly in Catholic and social media on the internet. Vickie asks the question of when we might be crossing a line in expressing our opinions, through articles, blogs and discussions, into what potentially could be causing damage in the Church and to others. Where do we draw the line between what is productive and what might be participating in what St. Francis De Sales termed "spiritual suicide"? Vickie examines some ways of discerning where that line might be.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Showing Up Catholic - Chasing Prophecy

Another episode of "Showing Up Catholic" has been posted on

Showing Up Catholic

Chasing Prophecy

When we Catholics chase prophecy we sometimes find ourselves heading off of the road. In this episode Vickie talks about using discernment when it comes to private revelation. When we come across messages "directly from heaven" can we trust them? Vickie talks about some red flags that we can look for in dealing with private revelations that have not been (or not YET been) approved by the Church. Grounded in our faith we can test the spirit of messages and prophecies to determine if they will bring us to truth or to error.

If you want to catch past episodes of "Showing Up Catholic" check out the profile page with a link to all of the episodes.